The diabetes is more and more common in the modern societies. Our habits, the lifestyle, lack of exercise and high intake of sugar result in almost all of us have a relative with this disease. So, what to do when the doctor tells you that you have high blood sugar? Well, in the first place it is not the end of the world, it is possible to have a normal life with diabetes. But it also means that you will have to change some aspects of your life, especially the diet and have more exercise.

Ablue-eye-close-up_1122-369nd it will also mean to have to go to the doctor more frequently, among others to an eye specialist. High blood sugar can cause retinal disease and in some cases, it may finally produce vision loss. When a person starts to see blurred it is more difficult to regain the lost vision so it is better to prevent. All the type 2 diabetic patients should have their eyes checked when they are diagnosed to have high blood sugar and then, they should have eye check-up once a year. To perform a thorough examination it is necessary to put drops to dilate the pupils. Only in this way, the doctor will be able to see whether any treatment is necessary.

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