There are different possibilities when we have to treat diabetic retinopathy. We can use a laser, intraocular injections, or surgery. We opt for surgery when there is blood inside the eye and we cannot deliver laser treatment, of the retina is detached. But for the majority of patients, we can use laser or injections. Which option is better? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward- these treatments are completely different and they cannot be compared.

Lasik (4 of 1)-2.jpg

The results of the laser treatment are much slower, sometimes it takes more the six months to see the visual improvement, but they are forever. On the other hand, the injection is very fast and the vision may improve only after a few days. This is fantastic, but this effect in some cases will only last for a few months. This is why it is necessary to put another injection, and then another and another.

In our opinion, the best option is to combine the advantages of both treatments. The injection will give us a quick visual improvement and the laser will allow us to maintain this effect for a longer time. The result will be more permanent and it will be not necessary to put so many injections.

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